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Secrets of Aura transforms lives by harmonizing and balancing your unique energy fields, offering profound insights and guidance.

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Unlock the solutions to your life’s challenges with a personal session at Secrets of Aura. Our expert readings and holistic approaches help you understand the underlying causes of your struggles, providing clear, actionable insights. Whether you’re facing personal, professional, or spiritual difficulties, we’re here to guide you towards a path of healing and fulfillment.

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I had the pleasure of consulting with Naqqiya multiple times, and I must say I am impressed. Not only is she incredibly knowledgeable, but her insights are remarkably accurate. She has provided me valuable guidance to navigate through challenges and capitalize on opportunities. I highly recommend her services to anyone in search of guidance and enlightenment.

Dhruba Jyoti Mukherjee

That Naqqiya rejected an IISc admission to pursue Aura as a profession is what closed the matter on whether I should meet her.

Her recommendations were helpful and quite a few of her predictions were fairly accurate.

I wish her all the best for the future.


Thanks for all the support u hav given me in the past

Consulting you was a wise decision you gave me predictions  which  proved to be  true

Like my marriage with my boyfriend (now husband) also u predicted I ll have a baby by late 2022

N it turned out to be true

U hav been kind n supportive all through out


Hi naqqiya 

Just to know that u said my relation with my husband vil b better from 2024 

And I can see n feel that between me n my husband 

Thank u for ur guidance ❤️it has really helped me in my relation 

Ur amazing 😇


Naqqiya is a great example of positive thinking..and is bang on with her assessments..she has always been my go to person for every issue.I have complete faith and trust in her 🙂


I’m so happy to tell that after having a  consultation , I had a lot of turning points in my life and good things happened and happening.


Naqqiya has been an amazing support. I remember a time when she was genuinely there for me at an extremely traumatic & uncertain phase of my life. She is a good listener, apt with her judgement of a person & situation.   Thank you for being there for me 🙏💗🙏 beyond your practise hours to hear me out. God bless 🙌 you.


Naqqiya is not just my aura reader but my go to person, friend for Aura checks. I often check on energy of people more often than not to avoid toxicity. Just try her out and you will be convinced. Eternally grateful 🙏


Hi Naqiyah,

Your prediction was accurate and on the basis of it you helped me solve my problems .I was mentally and physically stressed.You eased my tensions.Thanking you for that.


 I made contact with Naqqiya through one of my friends. I think it’s been 3 years now since I met her. Naqqiya has a God gifted sense and amazing aura. Whatever she has guided me and especially my husband  has always been perfect and has helped us to progress in life. We were literally zero and struggling to settle in India after a gap of 26 years but with her guidance and support. All her remedies and solutions have been fruitful to me and my husband. I am so thankful to her and she has been our guiding ⭐. I believe in her and have faith whatever she says and tells us to do. Thanks to secret Aura and Naqqiya for where we are today. 🙏🌹


Hi , naqqiya is gem of person 

She is always there to guide me honestly & she is like mentor to me ..

Thank you for always being there is all of my situations, meeting her just heals me ..

Her intuition readings & her guidance is always true on point , always helped me too .. you will always keep coming to her once you approach her ❤️❤️


Hi dear, two three years back I had taken your advice on some problem prediction and it was amazingly true, your sixth sense is powerful and ur solutions support us to solve problems, we wish you success in ur new journey nd hope your therapy will be helpful for many , all the best


As feedback I would say that the service rendered by you was excellent and even the stones which were sent to me could not be delivered at my residence but I appreciate that it reached me at the Dadar railway Station while boarding a train to Baroda ….

Your help was a very great help to me and I am very grateful to you and thanks a lot for helping me and guiding us in the right path at my time of difficulty 🙏🙏


After my aura reading session with Naqiya I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. She helped me identify and release energy blockages that were holding me back. I left feeling lighter, more confident, and with a renewed sense of purpose.


I have know naqqiya since 2018. She is very genuine and give honest guidance and advice. She has always been accurate in her reading and guidance. A very good listener and is always there. She has guided me and helped me through the most diffcult phase in my life with the right guidance. Thank you for your reading and guidance and therapy to help me get through.


Naqia knowledge has helped me many a times when m  helpless n don’t find the right way out 👏🏻.

May Almighty Allah Subhanahu help her to grow more n more in her field so can help many more like me. Aameen 👏🏻👍🏻


Dear nakiya you had seen me a few years back and i have taken treatment from you and it has really worked wonders i used to suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder which has been cured completely and a lot of progress has been made in my professional life as well i am now a french teacher i really find you very positive and very warm towards my concerns was really a blessing


It was a very helpful and relaxing experience talking to u . U have guided us very nicely in our hard time. We are always thankful to you for that guidance . Thank you Naqiya. Keep growing and keep healing people in need.


It’s been quite some time that I came in contact with you . The reason is my son , Who is suffering from anxiety and  depression. After taking ur therepy he showed improvement and for that I am grateful to you  . My prayers are always with you. Get all the success in life🙏


I approached Naqqiya in 2021 when i lost all hopes on my marriage… from thn till date i follow her shes been a great person a friend nw. She always pushed me guided me n tld me its going to be alright n yes she was right all her predictions were bang on n exactly what she said has happened.. Naqs u r like an angel in my life who came in when i lost everythin cos of u i stood strong in life.. from verge of divorce to a happy marriage her healings her predictions all worked and my relationship just bloomed. U r tied for life i m not  going to leave u forsure😂 … job, relationship, friends, house, money i dun remember what all i have asked from u.. keep working like this u r a blessing for all those who have lost hopes n dragged for money by other astrologers… Wish u love n long life dear ❤️

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Aura Reading and Healing

Naqqiya will connect with your subconscious mind and your third eye to provide insights into your future and help you understand your current state. She will identify blockages in your aura and assist in cleansing them using various healing modalities. This process facilitates a clearer path to personal growth and healing.

Rs 3000 / session

60 min – in person / online

Aura and Horoscope Reading

Combining aura reading with horoscope analysis, this method offers a comprehensive understanding of your energy and astrological influences. It provides personalized insights and guidance for navigating life’s challenges and opportunities.

Rs 1500 / session

60 min – in person / online

Aura Blockage Removal

Not everyone has your best interests at heart, and sometimes, they may even wish bad omens upon you. These negative intentions can create blockages in your aura, affecting your physical, emotional, and professional lives. We cleanse all negativity from your aura and seal it, ensuring that such bad omens cannot return. This leaves you feeling safe, secure, and protected.

Fees is based on consultation

60 min – in person / online

Karmic Healing

Have you ever wondered why two people born in the same place and time lead different lives? The answer lies in the past karmic baggage they carry into this life. We often find ourselves asking questions like, “God, why me?” The answers to these questions can be found in your past karmic reading. We help you understand and cope with this past baggage, enabling you to reform your life and break free from its burdens.

Fees based on consultation

60 min – in person / online

House Scanning and Cleansing

Your house is intricately connected to the auric energies of the earth. At times, these energies can be negative and disrupt the harmony of your family’s aura. We identify the dark auric bands in your home that may be causing obstacles in your personal and professional lives. Using crystal wands, we cleanse and transform these dark energy bands into positive, harmonious energy.

Rs 11,000 / session

60 min – in person / online

Crystal Therapy

Crystal healing is a holistic, non-invasive, vibrational energy-based system of healing. It involves the placement of specific crystals on or around the body to facilitate the healing process.

Crystals and gemstones have various natural properties and energies that can affect physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of our being.
Crystals interact with the body’s energy field, or aura, helping to realign and harmonize energy pathways to promote well-being. Different types of crystals possess different properties and energies that can target specific ailments or enhance certain energies within the body. We select appropriate crystals based on the specific needs of the individual and arrange them in patterns that correspond to the body’s chakras or specific areas that require attention.

Fees is based on consultation

60 min – in person / online

Sound Healing

The human body is a symphony of sound, with all its organs and cells generating electromagnetic fields that vibrate and communicate with each other in waveforms at specific light, color, and sound frequencies. In our sound healing session, we use an advanced sound healing machine that utilizes nine healing musical components composed to correspond with the body’s chakras. When these harmonies interact with our chakras, they facilitate total transformation and detoxification, promoting holistic well-being for both mind and body.

Rs 2500 / session
60 min – in person